Street Co-Naming Procedure


Streets located within the boundaries of Brooklyn Community Board 5 (CB5) will be considered for co-naming with adherence to the criteria established by the Board and with full discretion of the Board.

Prospective individual honorees must have a minimum of 10 years of community service and have displayed some significant cultural or historical, positive impact in the district and/or in the proposed area/block of the co-name request.  Prospective organization/group honorees must have displayed significant positive impact or cultural influence for a minimum of 20 years within the district with direct services provided to the community at large. Exceptions may be recognized for individuals who are deceased based on tragic or highly-recognized circumstances (crime, accident, disease, military service or the like, or other agreed upon circumstance).  The Board, at its discretion (through majority vote) can determine circumstances outside of standard guidelines.

The Board may deny a request of an application if it feels, in its discretion, that such a co-naming would not be acceptable or esteemed in the district, or favored by the community at large. This decision can be made even after the applicant has met all other criteria.  If a street co-naming request is denied by the Board, the applicant can appeal the decision immediately to the NYC Council Member’s office governing the proposed street co-naming area (either the 37th Council District or the 42nd Council District) and/or to the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office.  No application on behalf of the denied request will be considered for Board approval for a minimum of 1 year after the denial.

Street Co-Naming requests are reviewed by the Transportation Committee in October, November, February and March only. Applications are submitted to the Community Board District Office accompanied by all required documents no later than 4 weeks prior to the Transportation Committee meeting.  No applications are accepted during the months of June, July or August.

All requests must be accompanied by a CB5 Street Co-Naming Application (see attached Street Co-Naming Application) along with relevant supporting documentation for the Prospective Honoree.  To determine the appropriateness of a Street Co-Naming request, the following must be adhered to and submitted:

  • Prospective Honoree must be deceased. Sometimes requests are received soon after an individual has passed away, when emotions are understandably intense. Community Board 5 recognizes this and therefore requests that the prospective honoree be deceased for a minimum of 6 months before being proposed for a street co-naming. There are exceptions recognized for the time restriction, determined at the discretion of the Board.
  • Prospective honoree must have demonstrated extraordinary and consistent commitment to the district or exhibited significant historical or cultural impact. (Details should be included in written bio)
  • A Petition demonstrating community support of the proposed co-naming from residents and businesses within a two-block radius of the proposed street to be co-named. Amount of signatures varies depending upon size of street. Generally petitions should meet a minimum of 100 signatures including addresses from surrounding neighbors and businesses.
  • A Biography of the prospective honoree which includes date and location of birth, connection to the district, length of time as resident or business owner in the district (if applicable), the connection with the district and the proposed street to be co-named, and a brief description of why the request is being made.
  • Letters of Support: local elected officials and any tenant/block association in close proximity to the street(s) seeking co-naming
  • Map of exact location of requested co-named street