Get to know our committees, their chairperson, meeting dates, responsibilities and more
Aging Committee

The mission of the Aging Committee is to identify the needs of the aging community and to serve it by supporting representatives and advocates for seniors. The committee also acts as a liaison with agencies that support and serve seniors through education, services, events, and budgeting priorities.

Committee Membership

Chair – Hazel Worley

Co-Chair – Marie Harley

Dennis Camacho

Emma Jenkins

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee supports the Chairperson of Community Board 5 in communicating the Board’s activities to the outside world. It oversees the maintenance of the Community Board’s website and monthly newsletter. The Committee also prepares, for the members of the Board, a monthly summary of new coverage of issues relevant to the Board’s responsibilities and activities.


Chair – TBD

Co-Chair – TBD




Economic Development Committee

The mission of the Economic Development Committee is to foster economic growth by introducing business owners, job-seekers, homeowners, and entrepreneurs to resources conducive to their success. A key goal of the Economic Development Committee is to educate citizens of the district about economic opportunities that the city, private sector, and the non-profit sector provide so all stakeholders can reach their full potential. These opportunities include job training, commercial and home loan programs, grant programs, business plan development, management training, licensing and certification programs.

Committee Membership

Chair – Helen Jarrett

Co-Chair – Joshua Barker

Bill Wilkins

Syed Kasru

Andrew Walcott

Education Committee

The Education Committee serves as a liaison between neighborhood schools, the parents and the community concerning the free exchange of educational ideas. The Commitee analyzes and explores present and new programs in the district to determine the effectiveness of the schools and programs for neighborhood children. The Committee also meets with educational leaders to discuss their plans for local schools to ensure they are in alignment with the needs of the district’s student population.

Committee Membership

Chair – Jessica Franco Ramos

Co-Chair – Damian Pitts

Oral Brady

Rosalyn Mcintosh

Sharon Brown

Land Use Committee

The purpose of the Land Use Committee is to evaluate, preserve and protect the use of land and buildings in the area comprising Brooklyn Community Board No. 5, including the conduct of ULURP and related hearings, with attention to zoning, landmark, building and fire code regulations. Including, among other matters, proactively working with local institutions, community organizations and local businesses to develop community friendly long range development strategies and plans, working with city agencies to secure enforcement of, affect change in, and assist in application of city laws and regulations governing all land use issues.  The Membership of the Land use Committee shall be limited to Appointed Board Members.

Committee Membership

Chair – Viola Plummer

Co-Chair – Vivian Bright

Miguel Feliciano

Paul Mohammad

Cloinford Mattis

Alice Lowman


Parks and Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee reviews capital projects for our community parks, as well as other parks matters that affect community residents. The Committee advocates on behalf of the district’s parks and green spaces with respect to budget requests. The Committee also represents the community’s interests concerning parks issues and act as a liaison between parks users and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Committee Membership

Chair – Salema Davis

Co-Chair – Kelebohile Nkheranye

Jose Rosado

Jason Andrew

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee focuses on improving the welfare and quality of life of Community Board 5. The Committee accomplishes this task by assisting and monitoring the Police and Fire Departments in Community Board 5, and tracks crime and fire incident statistics. Among the Committee’s responsibilities are the approval or disapproval of new and renewal liquor license applications.

Committee Membership

Chair Paul Mohammed

Co-ChairVincent Riggins

Abdul Sattar

Jessica Bailey


Quality of Life Committee (New)

The Quality of Life committee is a new committee to CB5! This committee will be used to assess the various permits and liscenses that will come before the board in the present and future.

Committee Membership

Chair – Bishop David Maldonado

Co-Chair – Jessica Bailey

Alberto Ramos

Andre Mitchell

Alice Lowman

Sanitation Committee (Environment)

Brooklyn Community Board 5’s Environment and Sanitation Committee deals with local issues involving the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the NYC Department of Sanitation. The goal of the Committee is to advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment. The matters within the Committee’s purview include the following: drinking water supply, distribution and quality, sewage/wastewater system, energy conservation and efficiency, air, water and noise pollution, protection of natural resources and ecology, hazardous substance management, trash collection and disposal, street cleaning, snow and ice removal, vacant lot cleaning, illegal signage, littering and illegal dumping of trash, recycling, graffiti removal and abatement, canine-waste enforcement, pest control, and derelict and abandoned vehicles.

Committee Membership

Chair – Kenny Watson

Co-Chair – Henry Colon

Nikki Lucas

John Whitehead

Albert Scott

Social Services Committee (Health)

The Social Services Committee oversees and makes recommendations on mental health programs and substance abuse programs within the district, conducts human services needs assessment, including services for health, youth, and senior citizens, infants, homeless and handicapped. The committee also establishes strong working relationship with area hospitals and healthcare centers to makes sure adequate services are provided to the community.

Committee Membership

Chair – Colette Pean

Co-Chair – Chawanna Dunn-Holloway

Dennis Taylor

Misba Abdin


Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee deals with local issues involving the NYC Department of Transportation. The matters within Committee’s purview include the following: City streets, Sidewalks and step streets, pedestrian ramps, roadways, street signs and markings, traffic signals, street lighting, traffic cameras, resurfacing streets, potholes and other street defects, parking operations, rules and meters, street furniture (bus shelters, newsracks, newsstands, bike racks, automatic public toilets), capital-construction projects on city streets and highways, Mass transit service (subways, buses, Metro-North Railroad), paratransit service for the disabled (Access-a-Ride), and Public plazas.

Committee Membership

Chair – Wilfredo Florentino

Co-Chair – Angus Fischer

Joyce Scott-Brayboy

Alberto Ramos



Youth Committee

The Youth Committee serve as a forum where youth organizations can submit their ideas and requests for funding to support and share the many programs that enriches, educates and develops the well being of a child. The Youth Committee also advocates for youth programs and services in the district through budgeting priorities.

Committee Membership

Chair – Saddiq Abdul

Co-Chair – Sharese Buie

Sharon Brown

Charles Bullock

D’Angelo Issac

James Peterson