Community Board 5 Meeting

Community Board 5 meetings are every 4th Wednesday of the month for 10 months of the year. We are a traveling board, so every meeting may take place in a different part of the district. We resume regular meetings in September.

Linden Park's Renovated Tennis Courts

Green Spaces In CB5

CB5 has no shortage of green spaces. We have currently 60 gardens/farms/green spaces in our beautiful district.

Spring Creek Library

Our libraries are a gateway to resources from every spectrum. Our district has 4 libraries all placed in transit accessible locations.

Cypress Hills LDC Youth Market

Brooklyn Public Library - The Arlington Branch

Welcome to CB5!

Brooklyn Community Board 5 covers all areas of East New York, including Cypress, Spring Creek, Starrett City, Gateway and Highland Park.  Members of the Community Board are non-salaried members, who are appointed by the Borough President and City Council Members who represent areas within the district.
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Community Board 5 meets the 4th Wednesday of every month, except July & August. There are no meetings held during the months of July & August. Meeting dates can change because of weather and holidays, so be sure to check our calendar regularly to find out about updates and meeting changes.

September General Board Meeting








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Community Board No. 5 represents Jackie Robinson Parkway (Queens Border) to the south: Belt Parkway: from the east: Queens City line (border to the west: Van Sinderen and Louisiana Avenue.

Mail: 404 Pine Street, 3rd FL, Brooklyn, NY, 11208


District Needs

Servicing the needs of more than 184,000 residents composed of a variety of ethnic and income group that reflect in a true sense the mosaic mirror of the City of Brooklyn. Its boundaries are from the north: Jackie Robinson Parkway (Queens Border) to the south: Belt Parkway: from the east: Queens City line (border to the west: Van Sinderen and Louisiana Avenue.
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East NY Rezoning News

Posted: September 20, 2017 On April 20th 2016 the New York City Council voted to pass the East NY Neighborhood plan although Community Board 5 voted the plan down. As a community we have to remain informed on the plan as it moves forward into fruition. This page will contain information relevant to the community based on the plan moving forward. Dinsmore-Chestnut Community Visioning Workshops Report One major commitment agreed to by the City of New York after being a recurring message is the need for accountability. From that the East New York Commitments Tracker was created. By clicking the link below you will be able to see the commitments agreed to by the City of New York and the progress that has been made over time. This alongside the June 2017 progress report are available for the public to review and to remain engaged in a long community oversight process. List of Commitments June 2017 Progress Report
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The City of New York is divided into fifty-nine geographic community districts, served by a local rep. body known as a Community Board.

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